Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Conference 2020: Universal Credit - Taking on the Challenge
This year Housing Systems will be celebrating its 15th birthday by hosting its first ever conference.

We have some finishing touches to put in place before we can release the full details.

But we hope to run the conference twice, once in Leeds and once in London.

The conference will be workshop based, with workshops that will cover the current Universal Credit topics such as:

  • Mixed age couples / on UC & turning pension age,

  • UC and EEA Nationals.

  • The missing Elements

  • How the Housing Cost Element works

  • UC and Being unfit for work - the problem areas

  • Specified accommodation

There's something for everyone!

If you would like to register your interest - please email us: info@housingsystems.co.uk


"Your training is always excellent - I can't wait for your conference."

“I've registered my interest - I can tell from the topics you've chosen that this is going to be a great day."