Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Training & Events: What we offer
Our aim is to ensure you have the knowledge and resources you need to give your customers accurate and effective advice on welfare benefits.

It’s no secret that the introduction of Universal Credit has made the welfare benefit system more complicated.

We deliver effective, high quality, engaging, learner-centred courses that provide you with the knowledge you need to:

  • Understand the rules
  • Help claimants through the benefits maze
  • Spot when something has gone wrong
  • Feel empowered to give accurate and up-to-date advice

- so that you can help your customers deal with the complexities of the benefit system, and ensure they are getting the correct benefits paid on time.

You can access this training in a number of ways........

1. Online Open Workshops
Led by experts, our range of online workshops explore the benefits system from a housing perspective. From courses for new starters to Workshops that provide the detail on the current Universal Credit 'hot topics', there's something for everyone.

Designed to be engaging, informative and interactive, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the topic area.
Our workshops generally last 3 hours, and will include a presentation, Q&A session, exercises to reinforce learning, discussion of useful tools and an action plan.

Some are linked to an optional e-Learning course to give learners some background detail before building on this in the Workshop.

With a maximum of 16 on each workshop, participants are encouraged to ask question so that they are able to make the most of the session to enable them to offer appropriate help and advice to their customers.

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2. E-learning suite

We have developed a suite of informative E-Learning courses providing the depth of knowledge required by those working in the housing and advice sectors.

All our courses are developed by experts. Most courses are 60-90 minutes long, with plenty of examples, quizzes, and hints and tips along the way.

Courses can be purchased in a number of ways, from a one-off course with prices starting at £20+vat per learner, or taking out an annual E-Learning subscription where everyone working at the subscribing organisation has unlimited access to the full range of courses.

Continually updated and expanded our range of engaging and inspiring Universal Credit and benefits related E-Learning courses is perfect for gaining new knowledge or keeping your knowledge fresh and up to date.

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3. Blended learning packages
Perfect for small numbers and those working from home, our Blended Learning Packages offer the same content as our traditional face-to-face training by combining a mix of E-Learning, online workshops, quizzes and tasks.
Learners move through a series of modules at a time and pace that suits them and their workload.

We deliver our UC: The Essentials course several times a year - which is an open course, as well as delivering several bespoke in-house blended learning packages.

We would be delighted to develop a course that suits your needs.

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4. In-house training

Our popular face-to-face in-house training can be delivered online or face-to-face.

These courses are available to groups of up to 16 learners, and are tailored to your precise needs.

If you can't find what you are looking for then just contact us on training@ucnotes.co.uk.

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5. Webinars

We deliver monthly webinars - that take a deep drive into a particular area of benefit law.

A great way to build on existing knowledge and aid personal development.

Designed to be engaging and informative with case studies to make the detail relevant, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the topic area.

Our webinar generally last  1 1/2 hours, and will include a presentation and a Q&A session.

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6. Friday Fun Quiz
We have put together some ‘Kahoot’ quizzes as a further resource for our subscribers.

As many of you are working from home we wanted to find a fun way that you can increase and strengthen the benefit knowledge that’s relevant to your work.

We deliver  these on 1st Friday of each month - our Friday Fun Quiz.

or you take take part at your leisure - find out how by clicking on the 'click here' button.

If you have an idea for a topic for a quiz, or any feedback, please email training@ucnotes.co.uk

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Want to know more?
If you would like to know more about the training we deliver - please email us: training@housingsystems.co.uk

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"Your excellent training has really helped us support our customers claiming Universal Credit.”
Stockport Homes 

“The Blended Learning programme was great. We really appreciated the ability to build the training
plan around our needs."
Bromford Group
The training sessions are really informative and encourage learner participation through the use of case study exercises and quizzes."
Birmingham City Council