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Housing Benefit: Changes in Circumstances
When a claimant has a change in their circumstances they must notify the HB Office as soon as possible to ensure they receive any extra HB they are entitled to; or avoid being overpaid.
A beneficial change, which has been reported on time normally affects the HB award from the Monday after the date of change. (Regulation 79 of the HB regs 2006; Regulation 59 of the HBPC regulations.) Use the links below for more details.
NOTE: A change in circumstances could mean that a working age claimant needs to make a new claim for Universal Credit - and this could mean an end to their Housing Benefit - click here for more details.

What Happens?

What happens when the HB Office are notified / find out about a claimant's change in circumstances?

Closed Period Superssesions

What are they and when can they help?

Award of Qualifying benefit

Special rules apply in certain circumstances

Time Limits

How quickly does a claimant need to notify of a change and when can these time limits be extended?

Informing HB Office

How should a claimant notify the HB Office of a change in circumstances?

HB Suspended

What should a claimant do if their HB has been suspended following a change in their circumstances?

What's Changed?

What effect the change will have depends on what that change is.

Case Law

For challenging decisions.

Recent Queries

Recent queries.

Standard Letters

Standard Letters to help you resolve HB problems.

Maximising award

Ensure claimants get their maximum entitlement.