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Housing Benefit: Changes in Circumstances
When a claimant has a change in their circumstances they must notify the HB Office as soon as possible to ensure they receive any extra HB they are entitled to; or avoid being overpaid.

NOTE: A change in circumstances could mean that a working age claimant needs to make a new claim for Universal Credit - and this could mean an end to their Housing Benefit - click here for more details.

What Happens?

When happens when the HB Office are notified / find out about a claimant's change in circumstances?

Time Limits

How quickly does a claimant need to notify of a change and when can these time limits be extended?

Informing HB Office

How should a claimant notify the HB Office of a change in circumstances?

HB Suspended

What should a claimant do if their HB has been suspended following a change in their circumstances?

What's Changed?

What effect the change will have depends on what that change is.

Standard Letters

Standard Letters to help you resolve HB problems.