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How Much: Income
How Much: Income
As Universal Credit is a means-tested benefit, in calculating how much someone is entitled to, the DWP compare what someone needs (their Maximum Universal Credit) against their income and savings.

Different rules apply to different types of income - click on the links below to find out more.

Whose Income Counts

In a household, whose income will be taken into account when working out the claimant's entitlement to Universal Credit?


How do earnings affect entitlement to UC?
What about self employment?
How much can someone earn before their UC stops?


Which benefits are taken into account?
Which are disregarded?

Other Income

What other income is taken into account?
How does it affect entitlement to Universal Credit?

Notional Income

What is it?
When does it apply?
Impact on UC award.

Savings / Capital

What counts as savings / capital?
What is the savings limit?
How do savings affect an award?


Discover how student income is taken into account, for those students who can claim UC.

Our Calculator

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