Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Universal Credit: Changes in Circumstances



What needs notifying and how? What happens if the claimant fails to do so.


Monthly Assessment Periods -  dictate when the change will take effect.

Change in law

When do changes in law take effect?

Household Changes

Birth, deaths, marriage and separation - what the claimant needs to do.

Key age changes

There are several key age changes that could affect a claimant's entitlement.

Income/Savings Changes

How a change in income impacts on the award.

Becoming Sick

Making sure the claimant provides the DWP with the correct information.

Found Fit

What happens and what can a claimant do if they are found fit for work?

Caring Responsibilities

Implications for both the claimant and the person they are caring for.

Paying for child care

How UC / the Flexible Support Fund can help.

Becoming a student

What happens when a UC claimant becomes a student?

Rent Changes

From what date will they take effect? How should rent increases be notified?

Temporary Absence

Depending on the reason for the absence can have a dramatic impact on the award.

Moving Home

When does the change take effect and what's the impact on any APA in place?

Struggling with online system?

Would they be better having an offline claim?

Impact on Transitional Protection

How a change could impact on ant Transitional Element