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How to Claim: Providing Evidence

A HB Office cannot assess a claim until all the necessary information and evidence has been provided. 

ie 'certificates, documents, information and evidence' so long as these are 'reasonably required...in order to determine...entitlement'.

Reg 86 para 1 of the working age HB Regs 2006 / Reg 67 para 1 of the State Pension age HB Regs 2006

If a claimant needs more time to provide evidence they can use Letter EV1.

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What's required?

What information & evidence does the HB Office require to process the claim.

Is it Reasonable?

What can the HB Office ask for, what can a claimant do if they cannot provide this.

Time Limits

Generally one month from date of claim/request but this can be extended.

Problems Providing

What if the claimant is having problems providing the info or evidence requested?

HB Lost It?

What if the claimant has provided the information, but the HB Office has 'lost' it.

From DWP via CIS

What can the HB Office get directly from the DWP, and what to do if they don't.