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Maximising the benefits of our E-Learning

Are you looking for ways to maximise the suite of E-Learning in an effective way? 

We’ve had feedback from a number of organisations to illustrate how they are integrating the
E-learning package into their training.  We would love to hear from you about your own plans, projects and successes. 

Here are 5 ways in which the E-learning package could be used within your organisation:

Using some of the courses as part of your induction or refresher training
Organisations regularly come to us to help plan their new starter training.  New starters can have a range of knowledge and so E-learning can be used to bring everyone up to the same level.   The advantage here is that E-learning is easily scalable, so if you have a large number of new starters it can be used, but equally if you have just one the same applies – so this saves your organisation time in implementing this type of training programme. 

Equally even when just one member of staff is out on secondment or maternity leave and things may have moved on, E-learning can be used to support their knowledge and therefore their motivation to get back into their old/new role quickly.  Using E-learning in this way means they can pick and choose what they need for their own personal development.  

Combining with trainer led training
Gain the benefits of both types of training together in one package.  We call this blended learning which involves using the E-learning but as part of further online (or face to face) training.  Working from home has been difficult for many people, but the feedback has shown that this is actually a really excellent way to learn a lot more information, over a longer period of time, in a far more cost effective way.  With worked examples and case studies this brings the training alive and allows everyone to get back together with the tutor and discuss their learning in more detail. Read about Bromford's experience of blended learning below.

Quick update for a knowledgeable team
Existing knowledgeable staff perhaps only need a quick update – so E-learning can be used quickly by them to acquire additional knowledge rather than being in a training environment with perhaps the pace being set by other people with less knowledge.

As part of an agreed programme of work
We have a few organisations saying they are using specific E-learning as part of a targeted approach to contact one group of customers on the back of training.  The idea is to upskill staff in a topic area by completing the relevant E-learning course and then get in touch with appropriate customers to offer help and support. This works really well for groups such as Mixed Age Couples, or EEA Nationals.  So the training can be carried out in a timescale to suit: this has an immediate benefit and companies can see the impact of the training immediately.

Team building remotely
Where organisations have had substantial changes perhaps as the result of a merger or internal re-organisation, and perhaps departments and focus have moved, E-learning has been used to support and encourage the re-focus amongst new teams. Each member of a team completes the
E-Learning at a time to suit them and then they meet as a group to share new learning and discuss team action points.

These are just a few examples of where we know our E-learning is being used.  We would love to hear from you as to what your plans are and how you are using our E-learning package within those plans.

The Blended Learning programme was great. We really appreciated the ability to build the training plan around our needs. Each learner having their own personal learning account meant that the Team Leaders could track their progress which was really beneficial. Everyone felt supported throughout the programme. The E-Learning courses meant we could learn at a time and pace to suit our needs, and this was then reinforced and developed in the workshops. These were so well delivered and interactive – and reinforced team building. It felt personal to individuals despite being online. We’re now more confident when helping customers with benefit related issues. Together with the wealth of follow up support from the Housing Systems website we not only feel supported but keen to continue to build our knowledge.

Naomi Mitcheson, Income Manager, Bromford