Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Legacy Benefits
These are the benefits that are being replaced by Universal Credit for working age claimants.

This means that there are no new claims for these benefits with some limited exceptions.

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Child Tax Credit

To help with the costs of bringing up a child.


Housing Benefit

To help someone pay their rent/service changes.


IB-Jobseekers Allowance

For those unemployed / working part-time who are actively seeking work.


IR-Employment & Support Allowance

For someone who has an illness or disability that makes it hard for them to work.


Income Support

For those who are not required to look for work who have no/little income. 


Working Tax Credit

For working people who are on a low income.


Severe Disability Premium

An important premium included some
IR-ESA, IS, IB-JSA and HB awards.