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"What a great resource to ensure front line staff have the knowledge they need today  to help customers.”
August 2022
23rd August: Challenging UC Decisions - Online Workshop

This workshop looks at the best way to challenge a UC decision when things go wrong. Working through case studies we will highlight common problem areas (such as sanctions, and LCW issues) that will help you identify mistakes, understand why they may have arisen and chose the best course of action to put them right. This workshop will outline how the system should work and what to do when it breaks down. It will examine how you can get the best result for your client, giving hints and tips for challenging UC decisions. 

Workshop: Tuesday 23rd August, 9.30am - 12.30pm

Cost: £79+vat per delegate
Duration: 3 hours
Level: Intermediate / Advanced  


September 2022
7th September: UC Managed Migration - Online Workshop

The managed migration of a 3 million legacy benefit claimants to Universal Credit re-starts this spring.

This workshop explains the migration process and how claimants can be supported through the process to minimise problems. 

Workshop: Wed 7th Sept  1.30pm - 4.30pm

Cost: £79+vat per delegate
Duration: 3 hours
Level: Intermediate / Advanced


13th September: UC and Supported Housing - Blended Learning


The course combines a 90 minute E-Learning course with a 3 hour on-line workshop to delve into the working of UC for those living in supported housing.

This blended learning examines how UC should work for claimants living in supported housing as well as highlighting and examining some key problem areas. 

E-Learning: w/c 5th Sept
Workshop: Wed 13th Sept  1.30pm - 4.30pm

Cost: £79+vat per delegate
Duration: 3 hours
Level: Intermediate / Advanced



21st September: UC The Essentials - Online Blended Learning Programme

This blending learning programme - equivalent to five days' face-to-face training, spread over 8 weeks - combines E-learning, videos, quizzes and online Workshops to give housing staff a thorough understanding of Universal Credit and the issues surrounding it.

It will give delegates the essential UC information they need to support their customers.

Starting 21st Sept 2022
Cost: £225+vat per delegate
Duration: Combination of E-Learning and 5 x Workshops
Level: Introduction / Intermediate

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October 2022
4th October: Extra Help for benefit claimants - Online Workshop

This course is aimed at frontline staff working with benefit claimants. It provides an understanding of the extra's that are available to help with costs such as water, council tax, health and how to access discretionary payments. This course is an opportunity to ensure all available resources are being utilised to best support customers through the cost of living crisis.

Workshop: Tuesday 4th October  9.30am - 12.30pm

Cost: £79+vat per delegate
Duration: 3hr workshops
Level: Intermediate




6th October: Students and Universal Credit - Online Workshop

This online Workshop will look at the rules regarding students and UC - in particular the new rules for disabled students.. 

We will concentrate on students in advanced education.

We will examine what the rules say - which students can claim UC, how student income is treated - to enable you to give accurate advice and spot mistakes.

Workshop: Thursday 6th October: 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Cost: £79+vat per delegate
Duration: 3 hours
Level: Intermediate / Advanced



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13th October: Better off on UC? - Online Workshop

The DWP has stated that they believe that 55% of current legacy benefits claimants would be better off on UC. This course looks at which people could be better off on UC. Who are they? We will also look beyond the entitlement figure and consider the other things you would need to think about when advising a claimant on legacy benefits about UC.

Workshop: Thurs 13th October  1.30pm - 4.30pm

Cost: £79+vat per delegate
Duration: 3hr workshops
Level: Intermediate



18th October: UC Problem Areas for People with Health Conditions - Online Workshop

UC claimants with health conditions are experiencing a variety of problems. Many are missing out on the benefit they are entitled to, others are not having their health conditions appropriately taken into account.

This training will outline how the system should work and the key problems. It will examine how you can get the best result for your client, giving hints and tips for gettin the right decision..

Workshop: Tues 18th October  9.30am - 12.30pm

Cost: £79+vat per delegate
Duration: 3hr workshops
Level: Intermediate 



November 2022
15th, 18th & 22nd November: Calculating UC - Online Blended Learning

This programme combines e-learning courses and online workshops to take learners through the steps of how UC is calculated. Learners will gain the information they need to spot mistakes, maximise awards and provide effective advice to UC claimants. Topics covered include: the different Elements that can be included in an award, how the Housing Costs Element is worked out, how income affects an award, the Benefit Cap, how it works for workers and much more. 

E-Learning: to start w/c 31st October
Workshops: Tuesday 15th, Friday 18th and Tuesday 22nd November all 10.00am - 12.00noon
Cost: £125+vat per delegate
Level: Intermediate

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Escape Room: 50% of sale goes to Crisis

Looking for something different to do with your Team/s that's educational and fun - that's all online?

Why not take a look at our interactive 'Calculating UC Escape Room' - working in small groups, teams work together to complete tasks and solve puzzles - learning or refreshing their UC knowledge as they go. It's an immersive and fun experience that gets your team working together whilst sitting in their own homes!

Some important documents have been left behind. A small team needs to crack various puzzles and codes using a combination of logical thinking and UC knowledge to retrieve them. Can they do it within an hour and save the day?

What do the different levels mean?
These courses are aimed at learners who are new to Universal Credit / the benefits system - or those wishing to refresh their knowledge.
These courses give a useful overview of the topic.

For learners who would like to build on or refresh current knowledge. 
These courses cover the essential UC topics and provide useful examples of how to use the knowledge gained.

For those learners who are ready to tackle the more complicated areas of Universal Credit. 
These courses provide an in-depth look at some of the more problematic areas of the UC Regulations.