Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.


  • For Council / ALMO tenants the HB will be paid by way of a credit directly onto their rent account - referred to as a rent rebate.
  • For claimants living in a Housing Association property, the HB will normally be paid by a BACs transfer into the claimant's bank account, unless the claimant or their landlord has requested that their HB be paid to the landlord.
  • For claimants living in a private tenancy, their HB (Local Housing Allowance) is by default paid to them, by a BACs transfer into the claimant's bank account - although it can be paid to the landlord in certain circumstances.
  • The HB Regulations state that a decision on a new claim should be made within 14 days, or as soon as reasonably practicable, of receiving the claim and all the information and evidence it reasonably requires Regulation 93 of the working age HB Regs 2006 / Regulation 74 of the State Pension age HB Regs 2006 - meaning a payment should be made shortly after.
  • A payment cannot usually be made until the claim has been fully assessed. However, where there are delays - depending on the reason for the delay - the HB Office might be able to make a payment on account.
  • Special rules apply to claimants awaiting the outcome of a Tax Credits change.

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