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Personal Independence Payment
Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a benefit  for people who need help with every-day tasks  and / or find it difficult to get around outdoors because of their disability or health condition.

It does not matter whether or not the claimant has someone looking after or helping them - what matters is the effect their disability or health condition has on them.

It is tax free and does not rely on NI contributions. It is not affected by income, earnings, hours of work or savings.

It can be paid to people in and out of work.

It is almost always paid on top of other benefits and / or tax credits.

Any money someone receives from PIP can be spent how they choose, and it can 'passport' people to other types of help.

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Who Can Claim

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The Disability Tests

Entitlement to PIP is based on scoring enough points - find out more here.

How Much

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How To Claim

Find out about the claiming process here.


Awards & Reviews

How long are awards made for? When are they reviewed? Find out here. 


Challenging Decisions

What should someone do if they are not happy with their decision? 


PIP can passport to extra benefits and more - find out here!


What happens to those with a current DLA award? How does the re-assessment process work?


Top tips for completing the form and other useful information to help you to help others!