Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Challenging Decisions: Time Limits

"Any Time" Revisions
These are also known as "specific grounds" revisions as there are only certain reasons for requesting a revision that can be made without time limits.

For Housing Benefit these include:
  • Official errors - click here.
  • An award of a "qualifying benefit" - click here.
  • Where the claimant has appealed against a decision within the appeal time limits (or been allowed a late appeal) and it's not yet been decided, the decision maker can revise the decision at any time.
  • Where an appeal has been determined (for HB this has to be an Upper Tribunal appeal or appeal to a court), but the claimant, due to a change in circumstances, made a fresh claim or requested a supersession before the decision was made,  then if the decision maker would have made a different decision had they been aware of the appeal decision at the time, they can revise it.
  • Where there has been a mistake  about the facts of the claimant's case, or the decision was made in ignorance of relevant facts,  but only where the decision was more favourable than it would have been had the facts been known, then the HB Office can revise the decision.
  • A decision to reduce HB under the Benefit Cap rules.
  • A decision to increase the amount of maximum rent used because of a rent officer's determination (click here) or because a rent officer made a mistake about the Local Housing Allowance (non social housing rents only). 

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