Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

About Us
We provide not just  the information you need - but also the confidence and tools to use it.

We started out in 2004 with two part-time staff (Julia & Glenys) working from home. We now employ nine other full-time and part-time staff and are based in Archway Court, part of Broughton Hall Business Park, near Skipton, North Yorkshire. 

Back in 2004 working in the social housing sector, we were very aware of the lack of accessible updated information for housing staff who have little time to wade through material designed for benefits specialists. And we were concerned that this meant tenants were missing out on the Housing Benefit they were entitled to - sometimes even risking their tenancy - because of complexities of the benefit system and the mistakes made by HB Offices.....

So Housing Systems was born - dedicated to sustaining tenancies and combating poverty. We provide a web-based information system with bite-sized chunks of readable information and useful tools to help members resolve benefit problems quickly and confidently. 

Our website gives detailed information, commentary and tools to resolve the Universal Credit and Housing Benefit issues that housing professionals come across regularly, as well as comprehensive information on other Welfare Reform issues.

Continually updated, the information provides a deeper analysis than any other website, provides guidance on how to resolve a problem and the resources to do just that: Standard Letters, Calculators, Leaflets, Summary Sheets and more. 




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"I don't know how I would deal with the complexities of Universal Credit without it!

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The best benefits website for finding out what to do when things go wrong."

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“I find your team and website absolutely essential to what I do - it has made my job so much easier." 
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