Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

That makes a difference.....

We are witnessing the most fundamental changes to the welfare benefit system since it was introduced in the 1940's. 

And the biggest change in recent years - the roll out of Universal Credit - is proving to be very challenging and not always working in the way it should with claimants missing out as a result. 
Our training aims to give you and your colleagues not just the information you need but also the tools and confidence to use it - to ensure your customers are claiming all the benefits they are entitled to, paid quickly, from the correct date, for the correct amount and with minimum problem. 
Our Training - whether it's an online workshop, a face to face session, an E-Learning course or a combination is:
Engaging, informative and delivered by experts.
Regulation based- we explain how the rules should work, what rights a claimant has and how they can enforce them.
Written by advisers for advisers.
Well reviewed- average rating of 4.8 out of 5.
Cost effective- competitively priced.
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Interested in CPD accreditation? - just give us a call - tel: 01756 796394.


Note: No project is too large or too small. We' deliver over 150 courses a year. From one-off workshops, to program that involves a series of workshops and E-Learning course, or more informal meetings to small groups of staff, Directors or tenants.
If you'd like to chat through your requirements, just give us a call or email: training@ucnotes.co.uk


Great Training
"I now have a better understanding of Universal Credit.
I now feel more confident that I will be able to deal with residents' arrears when they are in receipt of Universal Credit.
A great insight into the subject - very informative day."
Riverside Housing

"I wanted to thank you for the workshop. It was incredibly informative, and I thoroughly enjoyed the speaker's insights and learned a lot."
Clapton Support and Advice