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How Much

  • We also have a manual calculation sheet so you can see how it works. It's also useful to take with you on visits as a reminder for what questions to ask. 

  • We have a downloadable benefits rates poster, and we send out benefits rates leaflets to our main contacts every year, to distribute to you and your colleagues.


Key Facts

Find out some key facts about how UC is calculated.

How Calculated

Find out more about the way the DWP work out a claimant's entitlement to UC.


Which elements are included when the claimant's maximum Universal Credit is worked out?


Which income is taken into account and what's disregarded? Which workers get a work allowance and so on.........?


What is the savings limit? Which savings/capital is taken into account and how? 

Benefit Cap

How does it work? Who's affected and who's not? What can a claimant do if their Universal Credit is reduced?


What deductions can be made from an award when the claimant has been sanctioned?


What deductions can be made from an award? Is there a maximum that can be taken?


Make sure claimants are getting all the Universal Credit that they are entitled to - tips on maximising entitlement.

Better off on UC?

Who could be better off on UC and what they should think about before they claim.

Worse off on UC?

Who would be worse off on UC and why?

Our calculator

Our Universal Credit calculator is quick and easy to use.

Standard Letters

Enabling you to help your customers challenge when things go wrong.