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How Much: Non-Dependant Deductions

A claimant's Housing Benefit can be considerably reduced if they have a non-dependant living with them - someone who is not a partner or a dependent child/young person, who is expected to make a contribution to the rent.

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What are they?

What is a non-dependant deduction?

How Much

How much gets deducted from the claimant's HB in respect of a non-dependant?

When no Deduction

The situations when no deduction should be made.

Minimising Deduction

Making sure the right deduction has been taken and tips on getting it lower.

Change in Circumstances

What if the non-dependant has a change in their circumstances?

Highest Deduction Taken

A common issue - find out what you can do.

Non-Dep or Lodger?

Is the person living with the claimant a non-dependant or a lodger?

Can a DHP help?

Can a claimant affected by a non-dependant deduction claim a DHP?

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