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Overpayments: How can they be recovered?

Once the HB Office has decided from whom they can recover an overpayment - they then have to decide how to recovery it.

There are different methods depending on whether the HB Office have decided to recover the overpayment from:

Note that where someone has become a UC claimant, any "duplicate" HB will be treated as unearned income for the new UC award rather than an overpayment - click here for more information.

And there are special rules that apply where:

From Claimant

How can an overpayment be recovered from the claimant?

RSL / Private Landlord

How can an overpayment be recovered from a RSL/Private landlord?

council / ALMO Landlord

Extra rules where the claimant's landlord is a council or ALMO.

Moving Home

Special rules when the overpayment is the result of a move.