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New-Style ESA: Sanctions

NOTE: If the claimant is receiving Universal Credit then they will have a UC claimant commitment and will fall under the UC sanction rules (Reg 42 of the ESA Regs 2013).

New-Style ESA claimants who fail to meet their mandatory requirements can be sanctioned.
Claimants who are in the Work-Related Activity Group must attend interviews at the Job Centre when they are asked to and their Job Centre adviser may decide on some ‘work-related activity’ that they should do. The idea behind this is that the work-related activity should help the claimant to improve their situation regarding fitness for work. The work-related activity might be, for example, attending a training course, attending the Work Programme or doing some voluntary work. 
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Sanctionable Offences

 What failures lead to sanctions?

Sanctionable Period

 How long does a sanction last?

How Much

 What is the reduction?

Challenging Decision

 What the claimant should do if they disagree.

Good Cause

Good reason for a claimant's actions should mean no sanction!

Safeguarding procedure

Did you know about the guidelines on vulnerable claimants?