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Universal Credit: Conditionality
Every Universal Credit claimant has to have a Claimant Commitment (with some limited exceptions).
This outlines what the claimant must do to be able to claim and continue to receive Universal Credit - often referred to as 'conditionality'.

If the claimant (or their partner) fails to comply with the conditionality outlined in their Claimant Commitment then their Universal Credit award is sanctioned - ie they get less money in their Universal Credit payment for a period of time.

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Claimant commitment

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What's required?

What does a claimant need to do to ensure their Universal Credit continues and to avoid sanctions?

Work Search Issues

How does a claimant evidence the work search they've done, what is meant by 'earnings threshold' and what is the In-Work pilot?


What happens when someone fails to meet their conditionality - and what can be done?

Hardship Payments

What are they and how to claim.