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10 reasons why participating in training and learning helps you...
At Housing Systems, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey and that is why, for the past 15 years, we have specialised in providing interactive, participative training for adults, to help everyone achieve their own personal and professional goals, and more recently have developed remote learning courses - E-learning, Kahoot quizzes and webinars.

Here are some other benefits that we see from participating in training:-

1. Training boosts your well-being
Learning something new can work wonders for your confidence and happiness. By embarking on something new, building your skill set and increasing your knowledge, you will boost your confidence at work.  Did you know that learning also makes you happier? Learning something new is both challenging and rewarding, helping to inspire you to succeed.

2. Knowledge feeds your creativity
It can be argued that the more a person knows, the more creative they are able to be. The more someone knows, the easier it is for them to come up with creative solutions to problems. Therefore continuing education into adulthood helps people to think outside the box. 

3. Trained staff stay longer and contribute more 
Well trained staff make for happier staff and they tend to stay working longer in an organisation that provides training opportunities.  Also people today are living much longer than they did in the past and many people remain in employment for longer as the retirement age has increased. Nowadays people also spend a large percentage of their time at work. Readily available adult education and training means that people can access courses and training to help them build the career they want. 

4. Learning helps us keep up with the pace of change
Technology keeps on changing and moving on and the ways in which we work, communicate, travel and even study have all been altered forever.  If we are to continue living productive and independent lives, we must keep up with these developments. 

5. Adult education helps us keep up with career changes
We know that not everyone who now works in benefits started their career here - some people may have changed field but they bring with them experiences that are useful in other areas. The availability of adult learning and education makes it much easier for us to follow our minds and achieve our potential in a different direction if it interests us.

6. Giving some people a second chance
For one reason or another many people did not manage to finish their education to the standard that they may have wished. Choosing to start a family, coping with illness, or managing finances can all get in the way of a person’s educational goals. However, just because certain people have had to put their education on hold, doesn’t mean they may not want to participate in adult learning.

7. Training expands your horizons
It may sound obvious but adult learning expands your professional horizon. Training may present opportunities to increase your salary, gain a promotion, or even move into a new job or career! 

8. Learning keeps the mind active
Learning something new acts as a workout for your brain. The challenges learning presents develop your brain. and maintaining an active mind can actually benefit your health. Those who put their brain to use on a regular basis often find themselves benefiting from better memory, sharper reaction times and a greater attention span in later life.  Some studies have shown that continuing to learn also reduces your risk of developing dementia: another great reason to learn something new!

9. Further education sets a good example for future generations
So often, children see education as a finite chore which ends the minute they finish school, college or university.  But these places aren’t the only way children can learn and feel inspired. When a child sees an adult in their life learning something new (and enjoying it!) it has a positive effect on them. They may be encouraged to enjoy their education, emulate you and follow your lead when learning. You have the opportunity to pass your passion for learning on to any children in your life and improve their chances of success at school.

10. Adult learning is good for the economy
It is argued that the more educated and productive people we have in the country, the better the economy.  If our workforce is made up of innovative individuals with more advanced skills then we will be fit to deal with the country’s problems and in a better position to develop creative solutions. Those with qualifications and skills are more likely to find work.  This in turn will benefit the economy by reducing pressure on the benefits system. 

So, in summary, what are the benefits of adult learning?
Adult learning benefits the economy, your children, your communities, your country, and most importantly, you. People should never stop learning!

How we have learnt from you and your participation in our training

For us at Housing Systems we never stop learning – we learn from developing our training, and delivering it, both face to face. We learn from you and via E-learning when we ask for your feedback. We also we learn from attending training ourselves, and from those complex queries you send us!

We are constantly trying to embrace the changes in the world of work both in terms of you being able to access training remotely and at a time to suit you and the technology in the learning process too – hence why we are developing a series of blended training packages that include:
E-learning, Kahoot quizzes, Webinars etc all designed to enhance learning.

If you’re interested in learning something and would like to know more about our new blended learning, or if you have some feedback on any course you attended or ideas on how to improve it we want to hear from you email training@ucnotes.co.uk 

"Your training is always excellent - I can't wait for the next course."

"The E-Learning course I took was really engaging packed full of case studies and quizzes to aid learning."