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Overpayments: Standard Letters

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Tenant Overpayment Letters:

TOP1: Tenant request - underlying entitlement

TOP2: Tenant appeal against overpayment, with notes

TOP3: Tenant appeal against recovery from benefit as o/p was former partner's

TOP4: Tenant request - reduced recovery rate

TOP5: Financial statement to accompany reduced recovery rate request

TOP6: Tenant request - written statement of reasons

TOP7: Tenant request - recovery from on-going benefit

TOP8: Tenant request - recover from former landlord

TOP9: Tenant authorisation letter

TOP10: Tenant request recovery from ongoing benefit when o/p has been recovered by delaying HB

TOP11: Tenant request to have overpayment written off due to severe financial hardship

Landlord Overpayment Letters
Challenging Overpayment Recovery:

LOP1: Landlord request for revision - tenant caused overpayment

LOP2: Landlord request for revision - o/p caused by official error and landlord not aware

LOP3: Landlord request for revision - reason unknown

LOP4: Landlord request for revision - tenant abandoned

LOP4a: Landlord appeal - tenant abandoned

LOP5: Landlord request for revision - tenant abandoned - official error by HB Office

LOP6: Landlord request for revision - late request - made after calendar month

LOP7: Landlord request not to recover because o/p is not recoverable - official error

LOP8: Landlord request for revision of decision can recover from both landlord AND tenant (even where chosen to recover from just tenant)

LOP9: Landlord letter to HB requesting recover from on-going benefit, when recovered from schedule at wrong rate

LOP10: Landlord letter to HB when o/p recovered in lump sum from payment due following suspension of claim

LOP11: Landlord request to recover from former landlord

LOP12: Landlord Appeal to recover from tenant where HB Office had refused incorrectly stating 'change of address' Reg 101(1)(bb) meant recovery had to be from landlord

LOP13 Landlord request not to recover an overpayment caused by overlapping award of Universal Credit

General Landlord Letters:

GOP1: Informing of suspected change in circs / fraud

GOP2: Requesting written statement of reasons for their decision

GOP3: Requesting HB for underlying entitlement for notice period for former tenant

GOP4: Stating their deduction rate is above the maximum allowed

Notification Issues:

NOP1: Where overpayment notification does not give full reasons

NOP2: Where overpayment not recoverable as had no notification of it

NOP3: Where overpayment not recoverable as notification invalid

NOP4: Where overpayment from schedule not recoverable as notification poor / missing

Letters to tenant about overpayment:

TOTOP1: To Current Tenant informing landlord rec'd invoice for overpayment, giving advice

TOTOP2: To Current Tenant informing of overpayment to be taken from ongoing HB, giving advice

TOTOP3: To Former Tenant advising to apply for HB for notice period



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