Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Housing Benefit: Claims and Payments
Someone entitled to Housing Benefit can only be paid HB if they make a claim for it. A claim is only complete if the claimant provides all the evidence and information the HB Office reasonably need to process it.

Click on the icons below to find out who can claim HB, how to ensure a valid claim is made and to whom Housing Benefit can be paid.

NOTE: New claims for HB can only be made by:

Claimant's not able to make a new claim for HB should get advice about whether:
  • An 'old' claim could be reopened / reinstated, or
  • They are best making a new claim for Universal Credit. 

Who can claim?

Who can and who can't claim HB, and why.

How to claim

How to claim and issues with claiming.

Date of Entitlement

From what date will it be awarded?


How quickly and who to.
When HB can be paid to a landlord.


How the HB Office check on claims.

On Universal Credit?

Who can claim HB even though on UC? What if they come off UC? 

People From Abroad

Particular issues for people who need "leave to remain", for EEA nationals and for 'returning' British Nationals.

Info a Can Landlord Get?

What info can a landlord receive about someone's claim?

Standard Letters

Standard Letters to help you resolve HB problems.