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Our E-Learning Courses

Our E-Learning courses range from Introductory to Advanced and help every learner understand the issues and problems that many UC claimants face.

We’re always working on updating existing ones to ensure each course stays fully up-to-date with trends and legislation as well as developing new ones.

Open Access: Overview - EEA Nationals and UC
This course is designed for those housing workers and advisers who would like a basic understanding of the rules governing which EEA Nationals can claim Universal Credit following Brexit and the introduction of the EU Settlement Scheme.

Learners will look at which EEA Nationals can claim UC under the new rules - in particular how it works for EEA Nationals with Pre-Settled Status. 

Learners will gain the confidence they need to ask the right questions. 
With a short quiz at the end so you can test yourself on what you have learned.

It will take approx 60 mins to complete. 

Courses available as a package or pay as you go.....
All the courses below are available individually, as a package, or for an annual E-Learning subscription.

Individually - Pay as you go
All our courses are available to be purchased on an individual basis from as little as £24 per course per learner.
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Annual Subscription via our website
By taking out an annual E-learning subscription, everyone at the subscribing organisation has unlimited access to the full suite of courses (continually updated and expanded) via the Housing Systems website.
Subscriptions are based on your organisation's number of homes in management and start from just £750+vat

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What do the different levels mean?
These courses are aimed at learners who are new to Universal Credit.
These courses give a useful overview of the topic.

For learners who would like to build on or refresh current knowledge. 
These courses cover the essential UC topics and provide more
examples on how to use the knowledge gained.

For those learners who are ready to tackle the more complicated areas of Universal Credit. 
These courses provide an in-depth look at some of the more problematic areas of the UC regulations.