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March 2024



12th March: Online WORKSHOP: Managed Migration Overview - half day

Managed Migration will start to affect more and more legacy benefit claimants during 2024

What impact might this have and what do you need to do to prepare and provide the best advice to support your customers? For those that have to claim, timing can be crucial to maximising their award.

This online course doesn’t just look at the migration process and avoiding the pitfalls, it also investigates the opportunities for maximising a migrating claimant’s UC award and the longer term implications for those entitled to transitional protection.  

Date: Tuesday 12th March 9.30am - 1.00pm
Cost: £85+vat per delegate
Duration: 3.5hr online workshop
Level: Intermediate

20th March: Online WEBINAR: The Transitional SDP Element

April 2024
17th April: Online WORKSHOP: Calculating the Transitional Element - half day
This workshop is for those advisers who want to work out / check that claimants' Managed Migration Transitional Element has be assessed correctly.
It explores how the Transitional Element is worked out for those legacy benefit claimants moving onto Universal Credit through the managed migration process.

The information and examples used are based on the Regulations, published guidance, feedback from the DWP and our understanding of how this assessment currently works.  

Wednesday 17th April: 9.30am - 1.00pm

Cost: £85+vat per delegate
Level: Intermediate

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April: UC The Essentials - Online Blended Learning Programme

This blending learning programme - equivalent to five days' face-to-face training, spread over 10 weeks - combines E-learning, quizzes and online Workshops to give housing staff a thorough understanding of Universal Credit and the issues surrounding it.

It will give delegates the essential UC information they need to support their customers.

Starting: April
Cost: £295+vat per delegate
Duration: Combination of E-Learning and 5 x Workshops
Level: Introduction / Intermediate

Anytime: Escape Room- 50% of sale goes to Crisis

Looking for something different to do with your Team/s that's educational and fun - that's all online?

Why not take a look at our interactive 'Calculating UC Escape Room' - working in small groups, teams work together to complete tasks and solve puzzles - learning or refreshing their UC knowledge as they go. It's an immersive and fun experience.

Some important documents have been left behind. A small team needs to crack various puzzles and codes using a combination of logical thinking and UC knowledge to retrieve them. Can they do it within an hour and save the day?

What do the different levels mean?
These courses are aimed at learners who are new to Universal Credit / the benefits system - or those wishing to refresh their knowledge.
These courses give a useful overview of the topic.

For learners who would like to build on or refresh current knowledge. 
These courses cover the essential UC topics and provide useful examples of how to use the knowledge gained.

For those learners who are ready to tackle the more complicated areas of Universal Credit. 
These courses provide an in-depth look at some of the more problematic areas of the UC Regulations.