Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
New claims for HB can only be made by claimants who:
*"Some mixed age couples are protected - click here.

  • Be paying 'rent' - or something that counts as rent,
  • Be able to prove their ID, 
  • Have a National Insurance number
  • Be liable for rent 
  • Be living in the property,  
  • Not be excluded from claiming
  • Not be someone who has to claim UC instead, and
  • Have a low enough income.

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NOTE: Many working age people are not able to make a new claim Housing Benefit and need to make a claim for Universal Credit instead - click here for more details.
But some people are told they have to claim UC when they don't need to! Click here.

Need to Claim UC Instead

Who will need to claim Universal Credit instead of HB?

Wrongly told to claim UC

How can this be corrected?


How old do you have to be to claim HB?
How does age affect the award?

Prove Identity

Can be difficult for some claimants.
Find out exceptions, problems, solutions.

Pay 'Rent'

What does 'rent' include? When can someone claim HB even though they are not the tenant.

Live in Property

Temporary absences, HB on 2 homes & HB before moving in, and after moved out

Not Excluded

Some people can't get HB - who are they and what can they do?


How do income  & savings affect HB?
What is the savings limit?


The difference between an appointee, an agent, and an authorised representative.


What help can they claim?

Specified / Temporary Accommodation

Special rules for UC claimants living in specified or temporary accommodation.