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PIP: Who can claim
Personal Independence Payment is a benefit  for people who need help with everyday tasks  and / or find it difficult to get around outdoors because of their disability or health condition.
Click on the links below for more information about the rules on who can claim.
NOTE: Anyone who lives in Scotland will need to claim Adult Disability Payment instead. 



Click here to find out what age someone must be to claim.
And what they can claim instead if they are too young or too old for PIP.

Backwards and Forwards Test

PIP is for long term problems - so most people have to pass a 'backwards' and 'forwards' test. Click here to find out more about these qualifying periods.

Residence and Presence

Has the claimant been in GB long enough to pass this test?

Disability Tests

Find out about the points system here.

Terminally Ill

Click here for details of the 'special rules' for people who are terminally ill.

Overlapping Benefits

PIP is paid on top of most other benefits, but there are some which overlap with PIP.
Find out which these are here.

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