Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Changes in Circumstances: What's Changed?

Moving Home

What happens to the claimant's HB when they move home?

Moving Onto UC

What happens to the claimant's HB when they make a claim for Universal Credit?

 Changes in Income 

How will a change in income affect the claimant's HB award?

Starting / Ending Work

What happens to a claimant's HB when they start / finish work?

Extended Payment/Run-On

What is an Extended Payment and who can get one?

Household Changes

Which household changes affect an award of HB?

Going Abroad

What happens when the HB claimant goes abroad?

Rent Changes

How does a rent increase / decrease affect an award?

Temporary Absence

What happens when someone is temporarily away from their home?

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