Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

How Much?

How Calculated

Basic intro to how the assessment works.

The 5 steps

The stages to the HB assessment. 

Maximum HB

Paid to those on a passport benefit. Click on the icon to find out more. 


How is the claimant's eligible rent worked out? 

Service Charges

Which can be covered and which not?

Bedroom Tax

How the under-occupancy penalty works and tips on minimising the impact.


How the system works for private rented tenants.

Non-Dep Deductions

What are they ? How much and tips on minimising.


How they affect a claimants HB award. 

Applicable Amount

How is it worked out? - allowances, components and premiums.


What counts, and what is disregarded. How earnings affect an award.


What counts and what is disregarded. Tariff income and savings levels. 

Benefit Cap

Who's affected, who's excluded and the impact on the HB award.


Tips on maximising a HB award.