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Housing Costs: Supported Housing


  • Universal Credit claimants deemed to be living in 'specified accommodation' or 'temporary accommodation'- as defined by the UC Regulations - will continue to receive help with their housing costs through Housing Benefit even though they claim Universal Credit
  • Universal Credit acts as a 'passport' to maximum Housing Benefit - even if the UC claimant's income is quite high. More here.
  • Not all supported housing will fall under these definitions, so many supported housing claimants will have their rent supported by Universal Credit.
  • For those receiving help with their rent through UC, DWP Guidance lists Intensive Housing Management (IHM) charges as ineligible for Universal Credit.
  • The majority of Universal Credit claimants living in sheltered housing will not be classed as living in 'specified accommodation' and, due to the differences between the rules, may find that they have a higher ineligible service charge under UC than they would have done under HB.

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