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Guardians Allowance
Who can get Guardians Allowance?

A person may be able to get Guardians Allowance for a child/qualifying young person if they:

  •  Are entitled to/classed as entitled to claim Child Benefit, and
  •  Are claiming for an 'eligible child' (see below) and either:  
        - live with the child or
        - contribute at least £21.75 a week toward the cost of providing for the child,
  •  Satisfy the residence conditions, and
  •  Are not a parent of the child

Note: For the claimant to be 'classed as entitled to child benefit' they must either reside with a spouse whom is entitled to Child Benefit OR be a resident in the UK who would be entitled to Child Benefit if they weren't getting family benefit from another country.

Eligible children

A child is an 'eligible child' if:

  •  Both the child's parents/adoptive parents have died ,or
  •  One of the child's parents/adoptive parents has died and:
        - at the time of the death the whereabouts of the other parent is unknown or
        - the other is sentenced to a term of imprisonment or detained in hospital by court order, or
  •  The child's parents were not married at their time of birth, the mother of the child is dead and the paternity of the child has not been clearly established, or
  •  The child was adopted by a single person and that person has died, or
  •  The child's parents/adoptive parents are divorced, one parent has died, and:
        - at the time of the death the other parent did not have custody of the child, and
        - there is no court order for the child to reside with the other parent ,and
        - the other parent is not responsible for the maintenance of the child under a court order.

Making a Claim and Payment

Guardians Allowance is claimed in writing on the approved form and sent to the Guardian's Allowance Unit at the Child Benefit Office of HMRC.

If the claim is approved, Guardians Allowance is £21.75 pw for each eligible child, it is paid in the same way and at the same time and in addition to, the claimant's Child Benefit.

Guardians Allowance is a weekly benefit so cannot be paid for a period less than this.

If entitlement to the allowance ends, payment continues up to, but not including, the following payday.
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