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Providing Evidence: What's Required?


  • If the claimant is getting a DWP benefit such as Pension Credit or Income-Related ESA, then the HB Office can accept that their NI number, proof of ID and evidence of income/savings has already been verified ie by the DWP / Pension Service.
  • The claimant has one calendar month from the date of request to provide the evidence - this time limit can be extended.
  • Sometimes HB Offices request information that is available to them from elsewhere (eg evidence of benefit income), or that is irrelevant to the claim (eg forwarding address of non-dependant), or almost impossible for the tenant to provide (eg nil income) - such requests can be challenged using Letter EV5, EV7 or EV8 - depending on the circumstance.
  • HB Offices are allowed to use risk-based verification; the evidence they require may differ for different claims based on risk - HB Circular S11/2011
  • If the claimant fails to provide the evidence requested within the time limits given their claim for HB will fail - but there may be grounds for challenging this decision and getting the claim re-opened.
    They can use Letter EV1 to ask for more time; and there are more letters for other situations (eg request for evidence unreasonable) on the Evidence section of the Standard letters page here.

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