Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Overpayments: Recovered From Landlord
* Please note, this section applies to Housing Associations and Private tenancies only.
Council Housing Departments and ALMO's are not considered landlords for HB purposes and HB overpayments cannot therefore be recovered from them. Any overpayment will be recovered from the tenant (from their rent account in some circumstances), click here for more information. *


Under which circumstances can an overpayment be recovered from a RSL / private landlord?

Before You Repay

Things to think about before you repay.

Repayment Agreement

What if the landlord has signed a repayment agreement?

Tenancy Termination

Overpayments due to tenancy termination.


What if the overpayment is due to the claimant abandoning the property?

Errors In rent

What if the overpayment is due to errors in the rent?

Changed Target?

What if the HB Office were previously recovering the overpayment from the claimant?

Is it Rent Arrears?

Can the repaid overpayment be classed as rent arrears?