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PIP: The Disability Tests
To claim Personal Independence Payment the claimant must normally provide details of how their illness / disability affects their daily lives - they will do this by completing a questionnaire, providing medical evidence if they have it and attending a medical.

To be awarded Personal Independence Payment the claimant must score enough points under the Daily Living and/or Mobility disability test/s.

Main Principles

How many points does someone need to score? What type of help needed counts? And what you need to know about 'reliability'!

Daily Living Component

There are 10 'activities' on which points can be scored - details and case law here.

Mobility Component

What are the 2 mobility activities and what points can someone get? Case law here too!


What you need to know about 'reliability'.

Fluctuating Conditions

What about people with symptoms which vary?

Terminally Ill

There are special rules for those who are terminally ill - find out here.

The Medical

How does the medical assessment work?

Procedural issues

Case law on procedural issues.

Useful Tools