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How it Works: Passports - Pregnany and Baby Payment
Universal Credit claimants in Scotland can qualify for a  payment of £600 (first baby) or £300 (to help with a second or subsequent baby) towards the costs of having a child - called a Pregnancy and Baby Payment.

It does not matter whether the claimant is working or not or how much Universal Credit they receive.

How much is the payment?

The claimant will receive a payment of £600 for their first child, and £300 for any other child, such as their second or third child.
What if they have twins or triplets?

If the birth includes their first child then they will receive £600 for their first child, £300 for any other child that is part of the same birth and £300 for it being a multiple birth.

If they already have a child, then they will receive £300 for each child that is part of the same birth and £300 for it being a multiple birth.

Applying for the payment

They can apply from 24 weeks pregnant up to the day their baby is 6 months old.

If the baby was stillborn, or the baby died after they were born, an application can still be made up to 6 months after the birth date.

To apply the claimant will need

Their name, date of birth and address
A partner's, their name and date of birth
Their bank, credit union or building society account details - they can be paid the Pregnancy and Baby Payment in the same way they're paid other benefits if they do not have one of these accounts 
Details of any children they have or care for.

Social Security Scotland can contact Baby Box to confirm the details of their pregnancy. If they agree to this, they will not need to do anything else - Social Security Scotland will do this for them.

Is the payment only for birth parents?

A UC claimant can apply for the payment if they are not the birth mother or her partner and they apply before the baby's first birthday and:
They've started looking after a baby under one, such as if they're a kinship carer
They adopt, are a kinship carer or have a legal order to look after a child.

No payment will be made for a child if they're in residential care or to a foster carer. This is because it's the role of the local council to provide support.

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