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Complex Needs

  • The DWP should offer additional support to claimants with 'complex needs' - click on the link below for definition.

  • This could be in connection with making a claim, maintaining a claim, the claimant commitment, attending interviews etc.

  • It is important that claimants explain any difficulties they have to DWP staff - see Standard Letter UC G4. (Note - the claimant should make this request through their on line UC account).

  • Complex needs should be recorded on the Claimant Profile - which is visible to Work Coaches, Case Managers and other staff. 

On 5th April 2019 Alok Sharma stated:
"The self-reported health condition or disability of individual Universal Credit claimants are recorded on our system and can be viewed by work coaches. However, it is not centrally collated in a way that allows aggregated analysis to be undertaken.

The Department can record complex needs through the use of pinned notes which support staff in identifying and managing relevant experiences and circumstances of individual claimants.

We continue to develop our approach to capturing accurate, aggregate data on claimants, including claimants with vulnerabilities. This work has been prioritised for the current Universal Credit development phase.


What does 'complex needs' mean?

What Help?

What help is available to someone with 'complex needs'?.

How Identified?

How does the UC Dept identify someone with 'complex needs'?


What can a claimant do if the UC Dept don't take account of their complex needs?

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