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PIP: Case Law

Case law decisions can be useful!

When challenging PIP decisions and also when trying to establish if a decision maker has made the correct decision, it can be very useful to refer to previous decisions made by the Upper-tier Tribunal or the Courts. Decision makers and the First-tier Tribunal should take into account previous Upper Tribunal / Court decisions, so when requesting a mandatory reconsideration of a decision, or appealing to the First Tier Tribunal, it is useful to check if there are any relevant decisions which can be quoted. An awareness of case law decisions can also help when completing PIP2 questionnaires.

We have listed some PIP case law decisions which may be useful. This is not an exhaustive list. New relevant cases will be added as they come through. 

Please use the links below - we have put them into categories for convenience:

Main principles

Case law on supervision, prompting, aids & appliances and more.

Daily Living

Find case law under each of the Daily Living activities.


Find case law under each of the Mobility activities.


Case law on safely, repeatedly, amount of time, acceptable standard.

Fluctuating conditions

Case law on majority of days rule and more.

Procedural issues

Case law on how DWP and HMCTS should act.

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