Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.


We have developed a suite of informative E-Learning courses providing the depth of knowledge required by those working in the housing and advice sectors.

All our courses are developed by experts. Most courses are 60-90 minutes long, with plenty of examples, quizzes, and hints and tips along the way.

Perfect for learning new things or keeping your knowledge refreshed and updated.

Written by experts, aimed at those working in the housing and advice sectors.

Our aim is to ensure you and your colleagues have the knowledge and resources you need to give your customers accurate and effective advice on Universal Credit.

Our courses not only provide a deeper level of information than you will find on other courses, but are also engaging and inspiring with hints and tips along the way to help solve common problems.

Click here to see the full range of our E-Learning courses, packed full of useful information.

The courses range from Introductory to Advanced and help every learner understand the issues and problems that many UC claimants face.

We’re always working on updating existing ones to ensure each course stays fully up-to-date with trends and legislation as well as developing new ones.

And our Overview of EEA Nationals and UC is free - click here.

How do I access the courses?

For one annual E-Learning subscription everyone in your organisation can have access to the full range of inspiring courses that deliver the best possible learning experience, with access to new courses as they come online...…....click here.

Or, you would prefer to access just one course at a time - then you can 'pay as you go'....from as little as £24 including vat a course or book a bundle.........click here.

We can also provide the courses for you to upload to your own LMS, or set up a bespoke learning programme on our LMS.

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How do I find out more?

If you would like any more details, then please contact us: training@ucnotes.co.uk

Why not take a look at our demos - they give you a small taster of what we have on offer - click here