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Housing Benefit
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Introduction to Housing Benefit

This course gives an overview of how Housing Benefit works, who can claim, how it's worked out and investigates some key problem areas.

Perfect for anyone working with tenants who wish to gain a better understanding of Housing Benefit so that they can provide accurate and up to date advice and know when to signpost a customer for more advice.

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Calculating Housing Benefit

This training takes the learner through the process of how a Housing Benefit award is calculated. Learners will look at the '5 steps', using case studies and practising calculations.

They will learn about eligible rent, the bedroom tax, non-dependent deductions and the different allowance and premiums available. The course also examines the impact different kinds of income have on a calculation.

An essential course for anyone working with HB claimants who want to be able to spot error in the calculation and challenge them successfully. 

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Reducing arrears through Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is a major source of income to housing providers. However, due to the complexity of the system, and errors made by Housing Benefit Offices, tenants often find themselves in rent arrears.

This course examines the areas where HB can go unpaid and provides new solutions to old problems..

This is a great course for anyone working with HB claimants who wants to be able to spot errors and challenge them successfully..


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Housing Benefit Overpayments

This course takes a detailed look at HB overpayments.

This is one of the complex areas where housing workers need to have a more detailed knowledge of the rules so as to minimise the hardship and rent arrears they can cause. This training will help delegates spot when recovery can be challenged and will therefore help reduce or eliminate the amount of overpaid benefit being recovered. Throughout the course practical examples will be used and workable solutions will be given.


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Housing Benefit for Older People

This training considers the Housing Benefit rules that are particularly relevant for state pension age claimants so that accurate advice can be given.

This course will take learners through key topics such as:
- the savings/capital rules - what if someone has a house to sell,
- how absences from home affect an award and
- when a pensioner can claim HB even though they have over £16,000 in savings.

Ideal for anyone working with state pension age claimants. 


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