Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Housing Benefit: Rent Issues

To be eligible for Housing Benefit the claimant must be liable for payments on the home where they live.

This raises questions around:

  • What type of payments are eligible - note that it's not just traditional 'rent';
  • Liability - some people can be treated as liable even if they're not the one on the tenancy agreement; and
  • Occupation - some people can be treated as occupying their home whilst they are away - and some can be treated as ocupying two homes

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NOTE: Many people are not able to make a new claim Housing Benefit and need to make a claim for Universal Credit instead - click here for more details.
Equally some are told they have to claim UC when they don't - click here.

Supported Housing

How living in supported housing affects HB entitlement.

Shared Owners

How HB works for those who part own/part rent.

Liable for Rent

Who is liable and who can be treated as liable - and so claim HB.


How does an absence from the home affect HB?

Two Homes

When can HB be paid on two properties?
A particular issue around moving home. 

Contrived Tenancy

When HB will not pay, even though the tenant is liable for the rent.

Rent Restrictions

When the HB Office can restrict a rent and what can the claimant do.

Case Law

For challenging decisions.

Recent Queries

Recent queries.

Standard Letters

Standard Letters to help you resolve HB problems.

Maximising award

Ensure claimants receive their maximum entitlement.