Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Linking issues affecting UC claimants with the expertise of the wider support networks.

Join us for our new programme of themed webinars.

Housing Systems are experts on welfare benefits and UC, however issues affecting tenants and claimants are not restricted to benefit issues: they are often linked to other areas of public services or law. 

A UC claimant could also have needs linked to debt, housing, health, wellbeing, caring responsibilities or disability - the list could be endless. 

HS Webinars aim to open up and investigate some of the complex areas affecting tenants in social housing, with the help of like-minded organisations.  

Knowledge of other areas affecting claimants can maximise the value of interventions and increase awareness and understanding of the tools and organisations that can help.

We want to explore some established connections between benefits and other areas, connect with partners and consider the possible responses from housing providers and advice agencies.

Each webinar will present a topic, provide information and generate ideas for working practices, with the help of a guest speaker from a trusted organisation and a Housing Systems speaker. 

Please see below for the forthcoming Webinar Topics and those you've missed (you can watch a recording - click here)..


If you have any suggestions for topic ideas, or would be interested in being a guest speaker, please email info@housingsystems.co.uk