Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Rent Issues: Supported Housing


  • Claimants living in various types of supported housing can receive help with their rent and service charges through Housing Benefit - including some claimants who are claiming Universal Credit: click here.

  • Special rules exist for those claimants classed as living in: 'exempt accommodation',  'specified accommodation', and  'hostels'.

  • Rents in supported housing tend to be higher than in general let properties and a HB Office can decide to restrict the rent - although there are protective rules for claimants living in 'exempt accommodation'.

  • Service charges can be an issue - the HB Office can deem them ineligible or excessive - and where an Intensive Housing Management charge is made you will find that some HB Offices will cover it whilst others may not.

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Exempt Accommodation

What it is and what special rules apply.

Specified Accommodation

What it is and what special rules apply?


'Hostel' has a specific definition in the Regs - what is it? - and what special rules apply.

Temporary Accommodation

What it is and what special rules apply?

Service Charge Issues

What particular issues are there with regards to service charges in supported housing?

Rent restrictions

When a supported housing rent can be restricted and how can this be challenged.

On Universal Credit?

What are the special rules?