Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Rent Issues: Occupying - HB Prior to Moving In
Often HB claimants are unable to move into a property on the same date that the tenancy/liability starts. If the HB Office are aware that they have not moved in on their tenancy/liability start date, HB will generally only be payable from the date they do actually move in (or in some instances from the following Monday). 

So claimants moving in after their tenancy/liability start date risk starting off their tenancy in arrears.

There are, however limited circumstances in which a claimants can move in at a later date and HB can still be paid from the tenancy/liability start date, but they must fall into one of the following categories, and meet the strict claiming criteria outlined below:

  • Vulnerable claimants waiting for the outcome of a budgeting loan or local welfare provision application, who are not getting HB payments elsewhere while they are waiting to move in.
  • HB claimants moving in from hospital or residential care, who are not getting HB payments elsewhere while they are waiting to move in.
  • HB claimants who cannot move in as they are awaiting adaptations to meet their disablement needs or those of their family (this group can be getting HB elsewhere).

In each of the above cases, HB can be paid for up to 4 weeks before the claimants moves in. Click on the links for more information on each one of these. Standard Letter TSE2.

There are strict claiming rules if the claimants wants to claim HB prior to moving in. They must:

  • Make a claim for HB when their tenancy/liability starts, and
  • Move into the property (no HB will be paid until they have moved in), and
  • Have a valid claim at the time they do move in or submit a further claim form within 4 weeks of moving in.

Alternative option

If a HB claimants has a choice whether to stay in the old tenancy until the notice expires after the new tenancy has commenced, or move in during the first week of the new tenancy/liability, it is better if they move. This is because In most cases it is far easier to fit into the eligibility criteria for claiming an "overlap" of HB for the notice period for the place that has been left, than try to claim HB prior to moving into the new place, due to the limited circumstances where these rules apply.

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