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Changes in Circumstances: Rent Changes
Rent Changes April 2021

April 2021 rent changes

The DWP's stance is very much that claimants are responsible for reporting their rent changes by using their online account.

The DWP have confirmed that it will not be possible for landlords to provide rent changes in bulk to the DWP for some months.

Responding to the National Housing Federation they said:
"We haven’t yet found a secure, scalable way for this to happen and the test and learn has shown us significant issues to work through with landlords. As part of our work over the next few months running up to April we have prioritised time to look again at this area and explore any short/long term options which might be possible. Until then, our current process remains that housing costs and their declaration are the responsibility of the claimant."

Information for social landlords about the April 2021 rent increase has been provided via the Landlord Portal - this confirms that it will be the tenant's responsibility to notify that their rent has been changed. All social rented claimants will receive a 'Confirm your housing costs' to-do in April 2021. The Landlord Portal will include a copy of the 'to do' questions - so that landlords can help tenants who are struggling to report the change - click here for the Information Page.

This letter from Neil Couling states:

  • If a claimant does not complete the ‘to do’ by two weeks after the end of their MAP, the landlord will be set a ‘to do’ to provide the new rent details.
  • If a claimant reports a significant increase in their housing costs these will be sent to the landlord for verification.
  • If, following the rent change, the landlord receives an APA managed payment at the incorrect amount, the landlord will be able to report this via the portal.

This DWP bulletin states that claimants should not report their change in housing costs until they have changed. It also includes Q & As.

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