Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Workshop: Thursday 22nd October 2020

Introduction to Welfare Benefits

(Introductory Course)

Get a better understanding of the
welfare benefit system!

"Really useful course - it gave me the overview of benefits that I need to provide a better service to our customers."

This Blending Learning programme combines a 1.5 hour E-Learning course with a 2 hour online workshop to give housing staff a better understanding of the benefit system.

Outline of Programme

Welcome from tutor (10 min video)
...at leisure

Welfare Benefits Overview E-learning (1.5 hours approx)
...at leisure

Online Workshop: Case Studies and Quizzes (2 hours approx)
Thursday 22nd October 10.00am - 12.00 noon

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This Blended Learning programme provides learners with an overview of the welfare benefits system as well as some useful tips to ensure their customers are getting their full benefit entitlement.

The course is designed to give those new to housing or welfare benefits a basic insight into the most common welfare benefits and when and where to signpost someone for advice.

By the end of the course learners will:

  • Have an understanding of how the benefits system is structured and who it is aimed at
  • Have looked at the differences between contributory, non-contributory and means tested benefits
  • Have an awareness of the principles behind means testing and how the benefit authorities work out entitlement.
  • Know which benefits can be paid at the same time and those which cannot.
  • Be aware of which benefits are under claimed - and which can make a real difference to someone's financial situation.
  • Be able to complete basic benefit checks and to ensure people are claiming their likely entitlements.
  • Be able to advise people on how to make claims and how to challenge decisions.
  • Have an awareness of how the system is changing due to welfare reform.
  • Understand why getting a benefit check is important.

What delegates have said about this course:

"Brilliant course - really useful! I have a much better understanding of how the UC calculation works. I can now help UC claimants maximise their entitlement"

"Some great tips for ensuring claimants get what they are
entitled to."

To book this course 

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Why book this course?
Universal Credit is more complex than anyone expected and those complexities are causing huge problems for claimants.

Many are not receiving the UC they are entitled to, but don't even know that they are missing out.

This course highlights where things are going wrong or where claimants may be missing out.

It aims to give learners the knowledge and confidence to help their tenants / clients. 

Devised especially for those staff who have a basic knowledge of Universal Credit and want to know more about the UC assessment.

This course aids learning by using case studies and discussion.

Book this course for just £59+vat per delegate, or book to be delivered in-house for £595+vat for upto 14 delegates.