Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Universal Credit
and Limited Capability for Work

This course looks at the complexities and gives delegates the information and confidence they need help clients avoid the problem areas!

"Fantastic course that clarified lots of issues.....I hadn't realised before how much is going wrong.
The information I gained will have a positive impact on my clients."

This full-day workshop is a hands-on, practical approach looking at how Universal Credit works for those with a limited capability for work.
9.30am Introductions and Expectations

9.40am Avoiding UC – who & how
If ESA stopped
Becoming a couple
SDP Gateway

10.30am Transferring from ESA onto UC
What should happen
What does happen
Avoiding the pitfalls and problems

11.00am Break

11.15am Becoming unfit whilst on UC
What the claimant / DWP should do
Claimant commitment
Making sure the WCA is requested
Claiming New Style ESA?

11.45am UC50 and WCA
Review of points system
Who is ‘treated as’ having LCW and what does this mean?
Hints and Tips

12.45pm Lunch

1.30pm What if found unfit?
Impact on UC award
The relevant period
LCW / LCWRA Elements
Claimant commitment
Working and LCW

2.45pm Break

3.00pm Special Groups
Pension age claimants
Terminally Ill

3.30pm Being found fit
Review of options
Repeat claim rules
Hints and Tips

4.30pm Close

What delegates have said about our courses:

"Great course, so informative and enjoyable."

"Excellent course. I learnt lots of useful hints and tips!"

Kept us involved - very relevant exercises. Trainer very informative and encouraged discussion."

"I have gained a much better understanding of the changes and already have two clients in mind that I will be discussing it with."

Our training aims to give delegates not just the information they need but also the tools and confidence to use it.

Our training is very practical- we understand what you need to know to tackle the problems tenants are facing, and we deliver the training in an interactive format using real life case studies.

We deliver over 200 training courses a year and have been providing training to many our customers for over 10 years.
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"I have worked in housing for over 30 years and this is the best benefits training I have ever had."

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In-house course
Universal Credit is more complex than anyone expected and those complexities are causing huge problems for claimants.

For claimants living in sheltered housing there is the added complication of how the rent will be funded via HB or UC?

This course aims to give delegates the knowledge and confidence they need to tackle these issues and ensure their residents get the right advice. 

This course aids learning by using relevant case studies and discussion. 

Book this course in-house for just £985+vat (for up to 16 delegates).

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