Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Our Training
Our aim is to provide training that works - by providing the tools and knowledge your staff need about Universal Credit, Housing Benefit and the changes under Welfare Reform. We will work with your staff to focus on the real issues and discuss the best way forward by providing key information, confidence and practical help such as standard letters. By the end of the course, participants will be enabled to tackle everyday issues to minimise arrears and maximise your customers' income. 

If you decide to book a course, we will:
  • Find out what your specific requirements are regarding the outcomes from the training.
  • Consult you on the content and format of the training.
  • Plan and agree the programme with you.
  • Include your corporate strategies where possible.
  • Produce comprehensive reference material for future use.
  • Deliver an enjoyable and successful course that produces real results.
  • If requested by registered users, we can incorporate the use of our website to show participants the extensive help it can give.

We tailor the content of each course we run – so if you don’t see exactly what you require please do ask. We can mix and match our courses and add topics that are relevant to the delegates’ requirements and problems being experienced.

 If you would like further information on the training we deliver please contact Doug - training@housingsystems.co.uk.

Talk to us about CPD accreditation - tel: 01756 796394.

In-House Training

We deliver over 200 training courses and workshops a year, with 98% of delegates rating our courses as 'excellent' or 'good'.

We are committed to delivering high quality training at a reasonable cost, meeting your requirements to help you and your colleagues become the best in your field.

One advantage of working in-house is our ability to tailor training to your precise needs giving you control over the content and format.

NOTE: The course outlines displayed on this website are designed as a guide  - note we tailor every course we deliver so the outlines shown are just samples and a starting point for designing the course you need.

Online workshops for your team
Either standalone or to be combined with one or more of our excellent E-Learning courses for the Blended Learning approach.

These online workshops are engaging, informative and interactive, using animations to bring the information to life. Giving your team the same high standard our customers expect from our face to face sessions, in a flexible, environmentally friendly and cost effective way. 

If you can't find  the course that is perfect for you when browsing our pages, then please get in touch with us at training@housingsystems.co.uk, we would love to hear from you.

Cost based on a max of 16 delegates per workshop:
3 hour workshop: £595+vat per workshop (£795+vat if blended learning) (subscribers)
3 hour workshop: £795+vat per workshop (£995 if blended learning) (non subscribers)
If your organisation currently subscribes annually to our e-learning package you would only pay for the workshop when booking a blended learning course.

Face to face sessions for your team
We come to you, getting your teams together in one place to go through the complexities of the welfare benefit area of your choice in an engaging, easy to understand format in true Housing Systems style. 

Either standalone training days or combined with one or more of our excellent E-Learning courses to provide a Blended Learning approach

Using case studies, group exercises and quizzes with plenty of opportunity for discussion and Q&A. 

If you can't find the course that is perfect for you when browsing our pagesthen please get in touch with us at training@housingsystems.co.uk, we would love to hear from you.

A full day's training for up to 16 delegates costs:
£1340+vat for a full day (subscribers)
£1635+vat for a full day (non-subscribers)
This is fully inclusive ie includes trainer travel/accommodation

In-house Training Programmes
Welfare Benefits is a vast and complex topic - sometimes you need more than just one training session. Perhaps you have a new team, or several new starters that need upskilling quickly.

We can deliver a variety of training programmes to need your learning outcomes - allowing your staff to learn at an appropriate pace and with their existing knowledge in mind. 

Whether it's upskilling a team on Universal Credit through a Blended Learning programme delivered over a series of weeks, having quarterly benefit updates throughout the year, or a series of workshops looking at some of the more complex benefit areas.

Training programmes may include: 

  • Online interactive training workshops
  • Blended learning linked with tutor support,
  • E-Learning courses,
  • Face to face training

in any combination to suit your needs.

Cost will depend on how many workshops and E-Learning courses are included in the programme.

Contact us today, email: training@housingsystems.co.uk


Fab Training

"I've worked in housing for over 30 years and this is the best benefits training I have ever had."

Shoreline Housing

Informal, interactive and informative
"We always get staff booking on to a course when they know Housing Systems is delivering it - they love the fact that it is informal, interactive and they get useful answers to their questions."

Yorkshire Housing

So relevant and useful
"I wanted to say how pleased we were with the training.  The trainer was excellent.  She explained a complicated subject so well.  I never thought I’d ever say I enjoyed a welfare benefits training course, but I really did. 
In fact, we would like to make it an annual event!
She had kept it to a handful of points so as not to over complicate, and they were very relevant to our work. I know the rent Income Officers were concerned that the training may be a bit ‘lofty’ for them, but it wasn’t, it was just right. It also flagged up some strategic issue for me."

Vivienne Astall, Housing Services Director, Keniston Housing Association