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UC Conditionality and Sanctions

Need training for front line staff that examines the issues surrounding work search and sanctions?

"As always your training was excellent - I've learnt so much."
This full-day session is packed full of useful information and practical tips to minimise the impact of sanctions.
The conditionality and sanctions regime under Universal Credit is harsher and applies to more claimants than under the ‘legacy’ benefit system.
The course gives delegates an understanding of what claimants are expected to do in return for their Universal Credit, including an awareness of the DWP’s duty to make allowances for vulnerable claimants.
Delegates will gain an understanding of how sanctions affect claimants’ income and for how long and how claimants can challenge decisions.
This course aims to give delegates the information they need to prevent claimants being sanctioned and to provide the best advice when someone is sanctioned.
The knowledge gained will help delegates to protect their customers’ UC income and minimise the impact on rent accounts.

Outline of the day:

9.30am            Introductions and expectations

9.40am            Understanding the conditionality groups
                        What are they?
                        Who goes in which group and what’s expected?
                        What about workers?
                        When would someone move to a different group?

10.15am          Prevention is better than cure!
                        Getting the Claimant Commitment right to avoid sanctions

                        Work search and work availability requirements in detail.
                        Requirement to sign, the ‘cooling off’ period
                        Ensuring the claim is not ‘closed’.
                        Reasonable adjustments
                        Understanding the rules that protect vulnerable claimants.
                        When can requirements be temporarily ‘switched off’ / reduced?
                        How to get a Claimant Commitment reviewed.
                        Case studies

11.00am          Break

11.15am          Sanctionable offences
                        What offences are sanctionable?
                        The different sanction ‘levels’, periods & escalations.
                        How to minimise the open-ended sanction periods.
                        ‘Good reason’ – what is it and why it is so important?

12.45pm          Lunch

1.30pm            The Sanction deductions
                        How much will someone lose from their monthly UC awards?
                        Impact on paying the rent – what to advise tenants.
                        Impact on APA/rent arrears payments to landlord
2.00pm            Hardship loans
                        Who qualifies? / How and when to apply.
                        Repayment rate
                        Impact on paying rent / on rent arrears deductions

2.20pm            Challenging a sanction decision
                        The process.
                        Making a case and getting evidence.
                        Relevant case law

3.00pm            Break

3.15pm           Case studies
                        Discussion and feedback

4.30pm           Close
What delegates have said about this course:

"Great course - so useful to look at UC in this detail and using case studies. Everything was brilliantly explained - I will definitely be using this in my day job!"

"Loved being able to ask questions - and get answers from a knowledgable trainer."
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In-house course
Universal Credit is more complex than anyone expected and those complexities are causing huge problems for claimants.

Many are not aware why the problem has arisen or how to deal with it.

Some don't even know that they are missing out on money they are entitled to.

This course aims to give delegates the knowledge and confidence to tackle these issues. 

Devised especially for those staff who have a basic knowledge of Universal Credit and are now ready to delve into the complexities of the system that they need to know for their job.

This course aids learning by using case studies and discussion and is different to most other UC training.

You will not be disappointed if you book this course.

Book this course in-house for just £985+vat (for up to 16 delegates).