Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Our group training - in-house and open courses - are always very popular....

....But face-to- face isn't always the most practical solution.

We recognise that there are times when you need an internet based course that you can access at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

So we've started developing a suite of E-Learning courses specifically designed for housing and advice workers.

We hope to launch the full suite at the beginning of 2020 - although our Mixed Age Couple courses are available already.

CLICK HERE for our E-Learning Zone

If you would like to know more about any of our training -both e-learning and tailor made in-house courses - please email us: training@housingsystems.co.uk!

Learning at your fingertips

Cost to have unlimited access for an unlimited number of staff to all the E-Learning courses on the Housing Systems website for 12 months - fully updated: 

Number of houses in management:

up to 10,000

Cost for unlimited use / unlimited number of staff via HS website

for HS subscribers*

 for non-subscribers

up to 10,000



up to 25,000



up to 50,000



up to 100,000



100,000 or over



Charities and Voluntary Organisations

Please enquire

Please enquire


* ie paying a separate subscription for use of HS website

If you would like access to these courses for all your staff via the Housing Systems website please contact us, email: training@housingsystems.co.uk

Or if you would like access to these courses via your own Learning Management System then please contact us for a price: training@housingsystems.co.uk





"Your excellent training has really helped us support our customers claiming Universal Credit.”
Stockport Homes 
“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, very lively, professional, informative." 
Alliance Homes