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Conference 2021: Universal Credit - Making it Work
Our next Conference will be on Tuesday 25th May 2021.

The theme is: Universal Credit - Making it Work.

It will be packed full of useful Workshops and inspiring speakers, with plenty of opportunities to share and learn from other delegates.

Delivered online via GotoMeeting (similar to Zoom).

Stay with us at the end of the day for a open forum to share good practice and ideas, and round off the day by testing your new found knowledge in our quiz.

Cost: £145+vat per delegate.

Any questions? Email us: training@housingsystems.co.uk

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This time we are joined by three excellent speakers who will all explain how they are making UC work for claimants and how you can help:

Daphne Hall: National Association of Welfare Rights Advisers (NAWRA) & Rightsnet
How representation from Benefits Advisers at stakeholders meetings has had an impact on UC policy.

Charlotte O'Brien & Alice Welsh: EU Rights & Brexit Hub
The role of the Hub in helping advisers resolve the problems EEA Nationals are facing, gathering evidence and helping to make changes.

Lynsey Dalton: CPAG Early Warning System
What it is, what it does, what impact it can have on changes to regulations and policy, and how you can be involved.
Our Workshops are developed and delivered by our team of experts. They are informative, interactive and provoking. Each looks at real issues that are affecting UC claimants and give practical solutions to common problems.

Delegates can attend three of the workshops below. Last time everyone was able to attend their top three choices - we're hoping we can do that this time too.

Workshop 1: 10.00am - 11.15am
Choose between: 'Helping vulnerable claimants' and 'Maximising Housing Costs'
Plan of Day
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9.15am Registration opens

9.30am Welcome

9.35am Speaker: Daphne Hall, National Association of Welfare Rights Advisers

10.00am Workshop 1

11.15am  Break

11.30am  Workshop 2

12.45 Lunch (Slido feedback on hot topic)

1.45pm Speakers: Charlotte O'Brien & Alice Welsh, EU Rights & Brexit Hub

2.15pm Workshop 3

3.30pm Break

3.45pm Speaker: Lynsey Dalton, CPAG Early Warning System

4.15pm Q and A

4.45pm Thanks

4.50pm Open Forum (optional)

6.00pm Kahoot Quiz (optional)
1A: Helping vulnerable claimants

This workshop looks at recent developments in the DWP's safeguarding policy.

We consider practical tips to ensure that decision makers are aware of claimants' vulnerabilities and what adjustments can and should be put in place for certain claimants.

There will be an opportunity to discuss problem areas and to share good practice and ideas.

1B: Maximising Housing Costs

Following on from our popular workshop at last year's conference we are again looking at the Housing Cost Element.

This time we're looking closely at the issues around Housing Costs Contributions, Bedroom Tax, and when and what might go wrong.

This will help ensure your clients /tenants don't miss out and that you are able to keep unnecessary arrears to a minimum.

Workshop 2: 11.30am - 12.45pm
Choose between: 'Brexit changes from 1st July - risks for rental income' and 'Preventing UC problems - proactive action'
2A: Brexit changes from 1st July – Risks for rental income

The rules for EEA Nationals are changing again - meaning many may see their Universal Credit award stop.

What can landlords / advisers do to prevent or alleviate these risks?

This Workshop explains the financial risks landlords face due to current and future changes to EEA Nationals' rights to live, work and claim benefits in the UK..

We will consider how an EEA National can secure their rights to Universal Credit, and the actions you need to take now.

2B: Preventing UC Problems: Proactive action

The world of UC is a minefield!

Missed opportunities leave many claimants significantly worse off.

In this workshop we consider which groups of your customers you might want to proactively target - to ensure they don't lose out.

Included in the workshop will be:
Taking advantage of the Transitional SDP Element rules,
Opportunities and risks for new mixed age couples,
Moving from ESA to UC - ensuring a smooth swap,
Getting a Work Capability Assessment,
and more.

Workshop 3: 2.15pm - 3.30pm
Choose between: 'UC Delays & Mistakes - tactics 'and 'UC: The missing (back) payments'.
3A: UC Delays & Mistakes - tactics
Some claimants face long delays that can cause financial hardship.
In this workshop we investigate the options a claimant has to progress a dispute and/or improve the service they receive. 
This workshop will consider the different practical ways a claimant can challenge mistakes and resolve ongoing issues, including using the complaints process and DWP service standards to get things moving. 


3B: UC: The missing (back) payments

Because you don’t miss what you’ve never had many claimants are under claiming UC.And due to failings in the UC system they are also often missing out on getting an increased award back paid.

Topics in this workshop will include: 

When beneficial changes can be back paid,
Offsetting overpayments,
The relevant benefit rules,
The Transitional SDP Element

The Workshop will  work through real life case studies to highlight the situations where claimants are missing out, these include: carers, LCW issues, untidy tenancies, new baby and moving home.