Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Conference 2021: Universal Credit - Making it Work
The theme for our May 2021 conference was: Universal Credit - Making it Work.

We were joined by Daphne Hall (NAWRA and Rightsnet), Charlotte O'Brien & Alice Welsh (EU Rights & Brexit Hub) and Lynsey Dalton (CPAG Early Warning System) to look at how we can make UC work for claimants.

We delivered six workshops: Helping vulnerable claimants, Maximising Housing Costs,  Brexit changes from 1st July - risks for rental income, Preventing UC problems - proactive action, UC Delays & Mistakes - tactics and UC: The missing (back) payments.

What delegates said about the day:

I feel very uplifted after yesterdays conference , it was well planned and easy to access - I came away feeling connected to the wider sector reaffirming my passion to help support people to reduce poverty, homelessness and suffering . It was so good to hear what other organisations/projects are doing so that we can all connect and be part of a collective voice for our most vulnerable customers.

Enjoyed the whole day, always full of helpful information and key points to be aware of.

I learned a lot from the workshops, as usual they are the right length, interactive and presented well. I found a lot of new technical information, as well as all of the speakers were great. I found it useful that you were focusing on the issues you get the most enquiries about as it is all relevant to me in my role also.

Really excellent conference, learnt something in every session and it was interesting enough to hold attention all day. Thank you for all your hard work.

As I am new to my role it gave me some useful information for helping vulnerable tenants and tips on when to start a new UC claim to maximise income.